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We are an outsourced direct sales and marketing company, based in Sydney.
MBA Life has been offering its services to clients since 2006, and is operational in both Australia and the UK

Our experience and understanding of the direct market has helped our clients to achieve growth, reach a wider audience and give a real personal feel to the product/services they sell.

Here at MBA Life we take great pride in giving our clients and their consumers a first class service; we deliver sales through service



“Every company has desire to reach and attain more customers outside of their primary and secondary target market and at MBA Life we give them a cost effective channel to get the very best out of their product or service.
Customer service has always been at the very heart of what we do and our continued growth has been a testament of the service we deliver, both for clients and customers alike. Maximus Direct has a real passion for sales; to us it’s more than just a sale!

I always feel the upmost respect for all the Brand Ambassadors who work day in and day out to produce the best results. The MBA Life Network feels like no other business, because everyone acts like one huge family. From networking trips across Australia to amazing enterprise meetings, we always do everything together!
We have amazing plans to expand globally and MBA Life is looking for great new micro-entrepreneurs to join aboard and build this empire together.

For established brands it's about gaining consumers from outside the current, primary and secondary target sector. For new brands it's about having a presence in a very saturated market. 

We specialise in face to face direct sales.
Why? Well it's the most successful and allows us to give the best personal service. 

MBA Life gives our clients a channel to personalise and reach out to a much wider audience.

Direct marketing comes in many forms, from letters, emails, street pitchers, business to business, residential, telesales, events and many more.


Our Brand Ambassadors only channel three markets, residential, businesses to business and special events.

The residential market is one of the most successful within direct marketing, with an average of 1 in 6.35 households purchasing a product or service every year nationally.

Consumers will not buy if they don't want to, so we don't use pressure, non-ethical or targeted sales tactics. By starting with a warm welcome, having passion, being honest and knowing the product inside and out, we are able to help the consumer make the correct decision.

Not only do we deliver strong results, we also uphold the clients reputation at all times. 


How many times have you sold an idea or vision? Want or need? Persuaded your parents to buy you that new phone? Ever sold anything online? Got a job? Updated your status for likes?
Well, these are all great examples of achieving the sale; you're sparking interest to get a reaction that’s beneficial for your desired outcome.
Some individuals, are of course, better than others, what we want to know is, are you one of those individuals who could really shine?


First Appointment – This will be an initial screening meeting with one of Recruitment Team Members. After this stage you can observe Brand Ambassadors representing products and services to potential consumers

STAGE 1 - 2

After successfully joining MBA Life you will be attending a full product coaching session with us and we also assign you a mentor. This is to know the product or service and enable you to conduct your first presentation

STAGE 3 - 4

After a month in the Brand Ambassador Role you can request to become a mentor withing MBA Life. We will give you the neccessary tools to become a leader and also guide you through certain skills that will allow you to coach others

STAGE 5 - 6

Become a profitable Business Owner by applying all the incremental steps you were taught previously. Gain an insight into the Business World and learn about Finance, Recruitment and how to increase your potential as an Owner

Shape your future AS A BRAND AMBASSADOR



Suite 502, 356-360 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

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